Tablecloth Sizing Calculator

Sizing your tablecloths has never been easier!

Just input the dimensions of your table, as well as the length that you want your tablecloth to drop around the edges, and our calculator shows the recommended tablecloth size with the click of a button!

1) Find your table dimensions:

Measure both the width and length of your table (or the diameter if it is round).
Note: The width is the shorter side, the length is the longer side.
Determine your preferred "tablecloth drop".  This is how much fabric you would like to drape over the edge of the table (going down towards the floor). For example, a  0" drop would only cover the top of the table and would not hang off the sides at all. A drop ranging from 12" - 15" is usually considered a lap-length drop for seated guests. A 30" drop will go all the way to the floor on standard 30" high tables. It's important to get the measurements of your table(s), as there are a wide range of table sizes sold in stores.

(Round Tables)

Width & Length
(Rectangle or Square Tables)



2) Using the shape of your table (Round, Square, or Rectangular), enter the table dimensions in the appropriate calculator below.

SQUARE TABLES (Length and Width are equal)



W   L   D
 (all measurements are in inches)

You will need a...
  " x "
         square tablecloth.





W    L    D
   (all measurements are in inches)
*Width is the shorter measurement.


You will need a...
  " x
rectangle tablecloth.





            Dia  D
         (all measurements are in inches)


 You will need a...
round tablecloth.