Restocking Fees

Why are returned products subject to a restocking fee?

In the table linen industry, return restocking fees are necessary for a variety of reasons. Please review the points below that help explain why such fees are implemented.

-Made-to-order table linen doesn't follow a typical retail store return process. Consider a clothing store that purchases apparel a few different sizes (small, medium, and large) and colors (green, white, and yellow). When a customer returns an item, it is simply put back on the appropriate clothing rack. Our business model is much different because our table linen is made to order here in America, and have thousands of color/size combinations. When we receive a return it can sit in a box on a shelf for months before another customer happens to want that exact same size in that exact same color.

-Our returns require a significant amount of labor. When we receive a return, it has to be unpacked and thoroughly inspected to make sure that the condition is perfect for resale, and that the quantity returned is correct (for items like clips, this part can be very time consuming). Afterwards, the merchandise is repackaged, submitted into a database, and restocked on a shelf.

-We don't get reimbursed for free shipping or packaging. For customers who check out with free shipping, remember that it wasn't free for us (don't we wish!). We still pay the bill every month, even if an order was returned. Likewise, our box supplier, tape company, and packaging material company doesn't give us a credit for materials used in packing the original order. The packaging cannot be reused for another order, and is simply discarded.

-We don't make money on restocking fees. Restocking fees don't help our bottom line or increase our profits. To the contrary, even with the assessed fee we still have a certain degree of loss on the order. The restocking fee simply helps us recover a portion of the expenses incurred for inspecting, repacking, and restocking the returned merchandise.

-Remember, we try to do everything possible to help you avoid the need for a return. We're one of the few linen companies that offer free swatch samples -- and we even pay the postage for them. We also sell our clips by the piece in case you would prefer to try one on your table before buying a bigger quantity.
Our front office staff can assist you with advice on sizing before you place your order. Let us know how we can help, because we don't want you to have to pay for a return restocking fee.

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